Shipping to Mexico

To our customers shipping their orders to Mexico

Thank you for considering or placing your order with OMG Japan. Whatever the shipping method you choose when checking out on our website, Japan Post will be handling the package until it arrives in Mexico. From then, Correos de Mexico (Sepomex) is the company that will be handling the package's delivery. Unfortunately, we are sad to say that shipments handled by Correos de Mexico are very likely to be delayed, if not going missing, while the packages' tracking page will not be updated.

We are aware that when paying for international shipping, you are expecting a certain quality of service ー which Japan Post will guarantee and for which we provide assistance. We are responsible for every package that leaves our warehouse until it departs from Japan.

However and unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any trouble with the delivery of your package once it arrives in Mexico. We have no control whatsoever on the delivery nor can we contact Correos de Mexico to make things go faster. We apologize for that but, as stated, we have no control over this situation.

What to do if my package does not arrive ?

The estimates given on our website when checking out do not apply to packages shipped to Mexico. Packages are very likely to take much more time before they are delivered.

We recommend to contact your local post offices and make an inquiry; you will have more luck receiving assistance from them if you checked out a shipping method with a tracking option. We also suggest to lodge formal complaints and let them know that they do not respect the services whose fares you paid.

Do I get a refund for my order if my package does not arrive ?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund for an order that went missing or was mishandled by Correos de Mexico.

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