Hanging Flower Lanterns by Sachie Muramatsu

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Hanging Flower Lantern catalog

Light and paper are closely linked in Japan, but these hanging flower lanterns by lighting artist  Sachie Muramatsu bring an aura of fantasy to that old connection.

The lanterns use layers of traditional Japanese paper (‘washi’) made from naturally grown mulberry trees, arranged and dyed to mimic enormous hanging flowers. The paper feels incredibly soft to touch, but it’s also durable; handmade washi was even used as armour in Japan’s past. Looking further back, one of the most common uses of washi (apart from writing) is the covering of wooden doors and windows; the way light hits and radiates out of softly transparent mulberry fibres is something people have taken pleasure from for thousands of years in Japan.

Imagine one of these lamps hanging from the center of your room. Turned off, it’s quiet and dormant. Turned on, the flower comes alive. The dyed Japanese paper, colored vivid red, yellow, green and purple, glows brightly and its strange realism make the experience uncanny; your room becomes a fantasy landscape from a parallel, bio-luminescent Japan.

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