I did not receive my package

Unclaimed packages

If you fail to retrieve your package in a given amount of time, it will be sent back to us. If this happens you will have the option of reshipping the product (shipping costs must be paid again) or a refund for the product price only. International shipping for your original order cannot be refunded in either case. Certain items like perishable food items are not eligible for reshipment or a refund. Please see product pages for details.

Missing packages

We will file a claim with Japan Post, they will then investigate the package. This will usually takes around 1-1.5 months on average. Depending on the result, you may be entitled to a refund or reshipping of the original order free of charge.  

General Postage Delays

We find that shipping to certain countries, including Mexico and South Africa take much longer to ship than other Countries. Please allow for an additional time period if shipping to countries listed below:


South Africa



Holiday Season/Black Friday

During the holiday season, we find that many of our shipments are delayed. At these times we recommend customers choose EMS or DHL Express to avoid delays.

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