Custom Links in Refersion

Creating Custom Links in Refersion

Increase conversions by linking strategically.

In your Refersion control panel, you'll see an automatically generated link (boxed in red below). This is your personal affiliate link. You can use it to introduce folks to our shop.

If you want to link to a specific product page or category, you'll need to create a custom link. To do so, make sure pop-ups are enabled on your computer and click "Generate a Custom Link". 

Copy and paste your desired URL into the pop-up window and finish by clicking "Create Link". This newly generated link can be used at your discretion whether on your website, newsletter or social media.

Why is this useful? Decreasing the number of clicks from the introduction page to checkout page has been shown to increase the chance of locking in a sale. So if you're promoting a specific product, using the custom link function to send people directly to the product page (rather than having them click through from the homepage) may help to increase overall conversions and therefore commissions for you. 

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