Customs processing fees in Canada and Spain

As an importer, you will be fully responsible for paying taxes and duties. You can read more about it here

We have recently received reports about additional fees for processing customs issued by FedEx and DHL in Canada and Spain. 



DHL charges a minimal 17.50 CAD or 2.5% of duties and taxes, if higher. 

Customs Support > Customs Clearance Customers without DHL Brokerage Account



DHL charges the minimum amount of 28 EUR for shipments with a value up to 150 EUR

 Customs Support > Duty Tax Importer


If you get a free shipping option because your order value exceeds $225, you might still be charged for processing customs fees if DHL or FedEx ships your order.

If these charges are too high for you, we advise you to use Japan Post instead. 

Please visit the following article for more information: 

Which shipping method is right for me

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