Why does the Level-0 story, Ari to Kirigirisu, have no ending?

 (アリとキリギリス), the level-0 story featured in our app, is indeed 6-page long.

It seems to end abruptly but it is faithful to the original story by Aesop which was reproduced and adapted by the team who works on the Japanese Graded Readers. We apologize for the confusion some of our readers felt reaching the end of the story.

For reference, in the original Grasshopper and the Ants, the grasshopper is told by the ants to dance during winter as it spent the summer singing, ending on a moral conclusion saying 'It is best to prepare for the days of necessity'.

Regarding level-0 stories

All level-0 stories are up to 400 Japanese characters long and feature about 350 new words. They are designed for beginners whose level is around JLPT N5.

If you felt level 0 was too short, we recommend trying level 1 stories that might be more interesting.

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