My item was damaged in transit... Can you help me?

It sometimes happen that items get damaged due to mishandling during delivery. The shipping methods we offer benefits from insurance (with varying amounts depending on the shipping methods). 

How to proceed

Take photos of the damaged parts and the shipping box then contact us immediately. We will then guide you through the insurance claim process if it is applicable for your situation.

At any point, do not consume or throw away the products.

What is the claim process ?

We can only lodge a formal complaint with the carrier if you make a damage claim with your local post office first (using the tracking number associated with your package).

  1. Lodge a damage claim with the postal service that handled your package. This needs to be done within a week of reception of the damaged package.
  2. Message us to notify us you have made the damage claim on your end.
  3. We will do the procedure on our end.
  4. Once the postal services verified the claims match, they will notify us and issue a refund to the sender (us). ※ For reference, the procedure can take up to 3 months.
  5. We will then issue the refund to you.

We cannot guarantee all damage claim procedures will lead to a refund. The postal services make the decision based on the damage claims. Thank you for your understanding.

How much is the insurance ?

EMS regular insurance cover up to 20,000 yen. We can add an extra insurance for full coverage upon request; additional fees might apply.

Airmail and SAL shipments are only covered up to the value of 6,000 yen. We cannot add extra insurance for those shipping methods.

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