Do you ship to APO addresses?

We are unable to ship to APO addresses using FedEx and DHL delivery services.

However, we do offer shipping to certain APO addresses through Japan Post (EMS, Airmail, Small Packet Airmail, Economy Air). Please note that for every APO address, we need to confirm with Japan Post whether shipment to that particular address is feasible. To prevent order cancellations, we kindly request you to contact us in advance.

How to enter an APO address:

The bill-to/ship-to state fields do not include the US APO/FPO state codes (AA, AE, AP). Simply enter "APO" next to your city name and provide the rest of the address details, and please reach out to us directly if any information does not fit within the designated fields.

For more information on shipping to APO addresses, you can refer to the official Japan Post website.

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